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Cantharone Regular 7.5oz

The normal action of these medications is to form a blister underneath the wart. This occurs within 24 hours of application. The blister formation kills the wart by cutting off its blood supply. Occasionally, there may be some blood in the blister fluid, don't be alarmed at this. The blister may also be painful, be inflated and itch. Your physician will recommend appropriate medication.
Treatment progression (what to expect)

As a general rule patients can expect the following:

4 HOURS: Mild discomfort may occur; control with bathing and medication 24 HOURS: Blistering usually formed within 24 hours

4 DAYS: Crusted blisters fall off leaving superficial erosions. Medication may be needed to control night time itching.

7 DAYS : Healed with temporary residual inflammation/redness. Any resistant lesions will be retreated. Temporary loss of normal pigmentation often occurs, but no scaring.

Cantharone and Cantharone Plus are for physician use only. They are not to be dispensed or prescribed for patient administration under any circumstances.

Model: 9001-975R


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