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Dermal Therapy/Atrac-Tain

Dermal Therapy are clinically proven formulations Dermal Therapy’s moisturizers are not just beauty products. They are clinically proven formulations that actively restore moisture even to extremely dry skin. Dermal Therapy’s formulations contain appropriate concentrations of the elements similar to those naturally found in healthy skin. These include: urea, silk amino acids and alpha hydroxy acid (lactic and malic acid). Unlike other urea formulations, we do not need to add fragrances to mask odors. Atrac-Tain moisturizing cream with 10% Urea and 4% AHA ( Alpha Hydroxy Acids ) for extremely dry, cracked skin. Ideal for healing elbows, knees and lower leg areas. Fragrance, dye and preservative-free Clinically proven to help prevent skin dryness that can lead to an increased risk of foot ulcers CHG compatible